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Welcome to our pages that make use of original scripts for computing precise times of rising and setting of the Sun, Moon and Planets.
These scripts support calculating times at any Earth's geographical position. You can compare our results with those obtainable from the The United States Naval Observatory (USNO) site.
To show how much data can differ between not far off locations in the table below we present times on 21 of June 2005 (the longest day) calculated for a few locations throughout Poland. One of them lays in central Poland (Warszawa), one in North (Gdańsk), one in North-West (Szczecin), one in South (Zakopane in Tatra mountains) and one in South-East of Poland (Przemyśl):
City Longitude Latitude Sunrise Sunset Duration Moonrise Moonset
Gdańsk 18.667 E 54.35 N 04:11 21:24 17:13 21:37 02:38
Przemyśl 22.783 E 49.783 N 04:21 20:41 16:20 20:42 02:54
Warszawa 21 E 52.25 N 04:15 21:02 16:47 21:09 02:45
Szczecin 14.583 E 53.417 N 04:33 21:34 17:01 21:46 03:03
Zakopane 19.967 E 49.3 N 04:35 20:50 16:15 20:51 03:09
Note that the times of Moonrise and Moonset here are not misplaced; for a few days near this date the Moon rises before midnight and sets after midnight.

To calculate Moon's and Sun's positions we use a theory accurate to 1' (one arcminute). An adequate algorithm has been developed and thoroughly tested by Kazimierz Borkowski of Centre for Astronomy (Nicolaus Copernicus University, Poland) and implemented in the PHP by Tomasz Kaczmarek.

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It please to announce that there is placed in Android Market free application Astroid which use the same algorithms to calculate astronomical events.
Now you can easy calculate sunrise, sunset using application on your mobile at.
Below are some example screenshots from application:

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